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B2B Digital Marketer

Apr 22, 2021

Every marketer and business owner strives to make new connections everyday. After all, relationships are important in life. Relationships help you get new customers, improve customer experience, and build up your brand. That’s why managing customer relationships is a vital part of your business.

In a hyper-connected world, relationships can be easily formed, and you need a great tool to be able to manage all of them. However, you also need it to be personal and human rather than automatic and robotic. So, how do you combine the two and use a tool that makes the process easier but at the same time keeping the relationship real and authentic? How do you know which tool to use?

In this episode, Jon Ferrara shares his story on how he built Nimble, a CRM that helps you build better customer relationships. He gives a distinction between customer reporting management tools and customer relationship management tools. Listen and learn the difference and what you need for your business.