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B2B Digital Marketer

Jun 24, 2021

Customer onboarding is the process of getting your new customers acquainted with your product or service. As B2B digital marketers, we seldom care what happens to them once they become paying customers.

It is important to note that the customer journey is as important as the buyer journey, and B2B marketers also play an important role in that process. Oftentimes, companies experience churn, even though they have a great sales and marketing process, because they do not pay enough attention to customer onboarding.

Having a solid and robust customer onboarding process makes sure that the customers we're getting are able to use our product or service successfully and that they get to reap the benefits that we promised to deliver them in our marketing and sales campaign.

In this episode, Donna Weber expounds more on the subject and explains how customer onboarding and retention is an important aspect of B2B digital marketing.