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B2B Digital Marketer

Mar 30, 2023

In today's episode, we are joined by digital marketing expert and author, Jay Baer, to discuss common mistakes digital marketers make and how to overcome them. We dive into the topic of "5 Silly Things Digital Marketers Do" and provide insights on how to improve your marketing strategy.

Jay shares his thoughts on the importance of creating valuable content for both current customers and new prospects. He emphasizes the need to tell a bigger story with top-of-the-funnel content that isn't directly related to your product or service, and how this can help engage and captivate your audience. We also discuss the pitfalls of striving for perfection and the benefits of adopting an agile marketing approach. In addition, Jay highlights the significance of humanizing your brand in the B2B space and shares examples of successful B2B brands that have broken the mold.

Throughout the episode, we explore various strategies for creating content that resonates with your audience and fosters loyalty. Jay provides tips for balancing content creation between new prospects and existing customers, as well as how to inject creativity into your campaigns. Listen in as we uncover the "5 Silly Things Digital Marketers Do" and learn how to overcome these common marketing mistakes.