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B2B Digital Marketer

Oct 13, 2022

Life is finally starting to return back to normal - a new normal. Everyone is going back to face-to-face. However, things will not be the same. We won’t be going back to the pre-pandemic past. As humans, we change, we adapt, and we will be doing things differently moving forward into the coming years. 

For B2B events, things are also looking a bit different. With virtual and hybrid events getting more popular, people have more flexibility in their event choices, and as B2B marketers, we have to learn to be agile and resilient and learn to adapt to these ever-changing needs. Things will be different. We won’t be doing the same things again. Looking forward, what’s new for B2B events in 2023? How can we take advantage of these changes and make the most impact in the upcoming years?

In this episode, Brianna Haag shares her valuable thoughts and insights on what’s new for B2B events in 2023.