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B2B Digital Marketer

Dec 22, 2022

Most companies and executives don't really understand what marketers bring to the table. A marketer's efforts are often unknown and unrecognized and the people are often misunderstood or misrepresented. To some, the role of a marketer is often interchangeable - lumped up into one single role - if they're a marketer, then surely they can write or build a website. As a result, the outcomes that they are judged on are often just based on the basic and non-essentials, and marketing has become one of the roles or departments that have been considered non-essential.

But is marketing really non-essential? As you will see in the interview, it's the exact opposite. Marketing is the ultimate cross-functional organization that often acts as the underbelly of the whole company. Their influence extends throughout the whole organization, and their contributions greatly affect the success (or failure) of the company.

Leaders and executives need to understand that they need to empower their marketers. They need to have a go-to-market strategy in place. It’s more than just the mission and vision of a company. There has to be a commitment to a set plan to bring in more leads and drive growth and revenue to the organization.

What are the signs of a successful marketer? How can marketers make it clear what it is they bring to the table? What is the one thing marketers need to succeed?

In this episode, Christina Del Villar sheds more light on this topic and shares with us the one thing marketers need to succeed (and several more).